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Ademilola Lola Odujinrin First African to fly the world solo on a single engine plane

Ademilola (Lola) Oyewale Odujinrin was born in London England to Nigerian parents (Segun and Elizabeth Odujinrin), and moved to Nigeria as a toddler. At a young age Lola became obsessed with flying; making kites and taking an interest in the mechanics of flight, knowing that he wanted to become a pilot. He studied Aerospace Engineering in Queen Mary (University of London), and currently works as an airline pilot. He is also a motivational speaker and empowers the youths to achieve greatness.

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Ademilola Lola Odujinrin flying school

Lola’s Blog: Taking the first step

Dreams do come true … I did it on the 29th June 2016. The first African to fly solo around the world and in an aircraft half the size of an average family car. It only washed over me once I’d finally landed. The dangers I’d faced, the challenges I overcame, the strength I found. […]

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Ademilola Lola Odujinrin

My history-making solo flight around the world

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, Ademilola “Lola” Odujinrin always dreamed of becoming a pilot, and although his father was against the idea and pilot training is expensive, Lola worked hard to make his dream a reality. But he had one other ambition: to fly – solo – around the world. He bought his own single-engine […]

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Monocle Weekly Interviewed Ademilola Lola Odujinrin, Happy Listening

Monocle 24 is a round-the-clock global radio station, featuring live shows and podcasts covering news, foreign affairs, business, culture, design, urbanism, food & drink, print media and more. They also have a playlist to accompany you day and night, often augmented by live sessions hosted at Midori House. On this episode, Monocle Weekly had a […]

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Ademilola Lola Odujinrin

I’m The First African To Fly Around The World Solo – The Huffingtonpost UK

We were created for meaningful work, and one of life’s greatest pleasures is the satisfaction of a job well done. John C Maxwell. Ademilola “Lola” Odujinrin has made the HuffingtonPost Newspaper again in less than 10 months this year 2017. HuffPost (formerly The Huffington Post and sometimes abbreviated HuffPo) is a liberal American news and opinion website and blog that now has both localized and international […]

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Ademilola Lola Odujinrin on London Evening Standard

Lola Odujinrin Makes The London Evening Standard

A SOUTH London pilot who completed a solo flight around the globe has now set his sights on breaking the world altitude record for a propeller aircraft. Lola Odujinrin battled storms in Australia, electrical failures over the Atlantic and accusations of being a spy to reach home in March after an epic nine- month trip […]

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