Reliving the journey and motivational speaking on how I overcame numerous challenges I faced during project transcend is an area I am focusing on in the coming years. During my talks the audience will draw parallels between my feat and their personal challenges in attaining their goals. I use my life experience and journey as a perfect platform to inspire many across the world. I am determined to pass on as much inspiration as possible and available as a motivational speaker for schools, public events and corporate businesses.


“As the Law Society lead on Ethnicity I was delighted when Lola Odujinrin agreed to be our keynote speaker at our BHM event on 5 October. The Law Society is the professional body which represents 180,000 solicitors. To mark BHM we run an inspiration evening which draws audiences of up to 200 people. Lola delivered a keynote speech which was charismatic, moving, laced with humour and truly inspiring to those who were lucky enough to witness and hear of his trials and tribulations in achieving his dream of flying solo around the world. His performance was and is an inspiration to those who want to achieve, but feel they cant and that inner strength and belief can overcome any adversity”

Jerry Garvey .... The Law Society


Jerry Garvey .... The Law Society

What to expect from my talks

Flying an aircraft around the world solo requires not just courage, but a lot of meticulous planning, tenacity and interpersonal skills. To do this without a convention constituted team requires everything. There will always be an element of luck involved with what we do as individuals but then again we are the architects of our future. My definition of luck is simply opportunity met with the right preparation. I had a dream which was quite frankly bigger than I was on the face of it. My success however epitomises the extra ordinary show of determination against all odds in the face of adversity.

My talks teach never to give up and take every “NO” as “Next Opportunity”. It is very important to learn from our failures and use these as our foundation blocks. After all, Failure is a normal transition to success if we learn from it. Creating numerous options and being very fluid in our response to changes is part of my message to clients.

As I have said before, I just don’t want to be remembered as the man who flew around the world I would rather want to be remembered as the man who overcame all odds.

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